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Ishqiya Movie Download In A Torrent




It is a directorial debut of Prakash Jha. The film is based on Shobhaa De's 1994 novel of the same name and tells the story of Naseem (Vidya Balan), a meek and extremely timid middle class housewife who is shocked and overwhelmed by her first sexual encounter. Her encounter takes place in the middle of a violent gang war. Plot The film opens in the present day. Naseem and her husband Ravi are a happy and well-to-do couple. Their house is clean, their plates are always full, and there's enough money in the bank. Ravi is a modern, modern man, who uses his office as an opportunity to spruce up and clean the house, and Naseem makes sure that he's comfortable. Everything seems to be going great, until a gang war erupts in Naseem's home city. There's a crime wave, and terror has gripped the city. Meanwhile, Naseem's mother-in-law, Suman, is dying, and Naseem decides to take time off to be with her. She departs to visit her mother in Delhi, and she brings along her friend Jai (Vinay Pathak). The gang war ensues as Naseem and Jai are about to leave Delhi for home. Naseem has to rush to board a flight and she leaves Jai at the airport. But her plane is delayed, and it's too late to board her flight. Jai, however, manages to board the flight, and Naseem, now stranded, leaves Delhi. Naseem arrives in her hometown, Panipat. She calls her husband, but there's no response. Jai, meanwhile, wants to check into a hotel for the night, but Naseem does not have money to pay the bill. They both find an open road, and continue to walk. Jai tells Naseem about his life, his childhood, and the many troubles he had to face. Naseem is intrigued by Jai's struggle, and for the first time in her life, she's excited about being a part of something. Jai wants Naseem to spend the night with him, but she refuses. She is happy that Jai has a place to stay, and she's content being alone. Naseem decides to spend the night with Jai, however, her




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Ishqiya Movie Download In A Torrent

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